How much the blanket weighs?

Science says a good weighted blanket should be about 11 - 15% of the weight of a person. Our weighted blanket is 9 kg each, which is a good fit for most adults. If you have a request for adjusment, please let us know.

How big is the blanket?

The blanket is 120 x 150 cm in size. Just enough to evenly distribute the 9 kg of calming weight over your body and provide you with the most grounding and calming feeling ever.

Is the blanket washable?

Yes. Wash on in cold or warm water (max 30°C) on delicate cycle. Don't forget to make sure your washer can take a load of 9kg. Air dry or tumble dry on low.

Why is it so pricey?

Imagine about 45 t-shirts made from high quality 100% cotton. That's how much material is used to make this blanket so comfortably heavy. Then add all the cutting, sewing and hand knitting plus a bucket of love we pour into each one of the blankets.